The Compass

Revitalizing the former Superblock in downtown Baltimore into mixed use project


Westside Partners


Westside Partners

• MD Strategic Consulting

• Mayson-Dixon Properties & Development

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Services executed:
  • Development Consulting
  • Property Acquisition
  • Venture Capital Campaigns

The Brief

Mayson-Dixon is honored to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help advance the revitalization of the West Side. The historic Super Block, the downtown area that has sat vacant with blight for decades, is now slated to become a mixed-used revival called The Compass; invigorating and revitalizing the growth of locally-owned businesses that will bring career-expanding and equity-building opportunities that Baltimore City undeniably deserves.

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In partnership with other accomplished, community focused development firms; Vitruvius Co, and the Pittsburgh-based company, Partnered, along with the support of the cutting-edge urban design firm Hanbury. Mayson-Dixon Properties and Development will awaken and revitalize development that the City has long awaited.

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