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Our Mission

Mayson-Dixon Companies was borne from a calling to bring better communities into the world. As we've expanded from Maryland to the national stage, we've never lost this focus on achieving your goals while improving the world around us.

Our CEO, Jayson Williams
Baltimore Sun, 1973
A crowd of shop owners temporarily pause business at Lexington Market to celebrate Mr. Carpenter’s 80th birthday.

Our Heritage

Connecting people through meaningful work and relationships is in our blood. Jayson’s great grandfather was a small-business, famed bell-ringer, and fighter for racial integration of more minority businesses and career opportunities for people of color in Baltimore’s Lexington Market. Mr. Carpenter taught his family that when doors are opened for you don’t close them behind you.

Our Heritage

Matt’s grandfather and great-grandfather founded Modern Builders right here in Carrol County, MD - the first iteration of the construction company we manage to this day. Their efforts as leaders and change-makers inspire everything we do.

Our Vision

In order to be the best community partner that we can be, we follow a guiding principle: listen first, act second. Our clients and partners currently look to us as a guiding signal that diagnoses problems and identifies opportunities before prescribing solutions. We want this to be the case across the board in projects we in engage in.


Your Turn-key Solution

Our portfolio structure makes us a one-stop shop for community development, driving unprecedented efficiency and impact for your project.


We regularly find ways to give back to the region, both as a firm and by inspiring altruism in our clients.

Working  as an African American and LGBTQ-owned firm in our offices two jurisdictions with the highest percentage of black residents in Maryland gives us a cultural perspective and desire to create opportunity for others that companies do not have. This compels us to emphasize the importance of racial and gender equity in all areas of life, by being great corporate citizens and giving back to communities we are engaged in. We regularly find ways to give back to the region, both as a firm and by inspiring altruism and equity conversations and opportunities from our clients and partners. This is the way.

Jayson speaking with business leaders at the ground breaking of a redevelopment in Prince George’s County
The Mayson-Dixon team walking in the Baltimore Pride Parade.
The Mayson-Dixon team donating PPE to the Black Life Matters marches.
Matt and Jayson at the induction ceremony into the Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg 10,000 small businesses Alumni.

It takes a village