Making PPE Procurement Painless

Designing portals to get equipment to the front-line.





• MD Strategic Consulting

• Mayson-Dixon Properties & Development

• Modern Builders

• Modern Suppliers

Services executed:

• Supply Chain Management
• Supply Logistics & Cost Negotiations
• PPE Sourcing

The Brief

AdvaMed is a medical system that has many procurement offices across a dozen states. They came to us with a need for protective equipment, but wanted to ensure they got the appropriate bulk rate for an organization of their size and scale.

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Using Mayson-Dixon’s digital and website management partnerships we were able to match our supply chain management experience with our digital capabilities to create a new website for procuring equipment. Each procurement office was able to order and our team was able to consolidate them, so the entire organization got a larger price break, saving them money and also making ordering supplies easy.

But wait, there's more!

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