COVID-19 Response: A Letter from the CEO

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team had been following the news of the ever-growing need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across many sectors. Like you, we saw reports on the news and social media about people in healthcare and essential industries putting themselves in harm’s way without the tools they needed to stay safe and healthy. We felt a need to help.

Early in the pandemic, we found opportunity with one of our consulting and supply chain vendors, Sussman & Han. We had been working together to order building supplies for our construction projects in Maryland when their CEO reached out to me with the recommendation to source PPE to organizations in need of these supplies. Through his family’s 100+ year history of importing and exporting in the United States, they had great relationships in the supply chain and asked if I would be interested in working with them to focus in on this effort. For me, it was an easy Yes.

Since then, our Maryland-based team (with partners on the East and West Coasts) has been working day and night to identify U.S. municipalities, government agencies, public and private hospitals, nursing homes, and other essential organizations that need supplies, while Sussman & Han has used its deep international relationships with dozens of manufacturers across the world to procure certified PPE products. We have worked together to facilitate the sourcing and delivery of millions of units of FDA certified 3-ply masks, KN-95 masks, N-95 masks, and no-touch thermometers, among other supplies, to institutions that span from New York City to Birmingham, AL, and to Irvine, CA.

If you told us in February that our Properties and Strategic Consulting firms would be delivering millions of units of PPE, I would have said you had the wrong company’s capabilities statements. But people were in need of help and my team believes that this is the most important thing we can be doing to address the COVID-19 crisis we all face together. If you, your organization, or an organization you are aware of, are in need of personal protection equipment, please let us know.

We continue to distribute 100,000’s of units of PPE to healthcare, government, and essential businesses, and have created our Online Store for smaller individual orders. We have also donated over 250,000 units at our own cost and are doing everything we can to continue to donate to community partners where and when we can.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and do whatever you can to help those on the front lines. We are all in this together, and we are working hard to do our part in these difficult times.

Jayson Williams
CEO, Mayson-Dixon Companies