Communications and Engagement Specialist


Communications and Engagement Specialist


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Mayson-Dixon Companies is a community development firm with offices in Largo, MD and in Baltimore City, MD that specializes in public affairs, non-profit development, marketing & communications, design, project management, construction, and sourcing materials. Team members at Mayson-Dixon Companies have the opportunity to work across departments to get a variety of consulting and business development experiences. MD Strategic Consulting, the engagement and community arm of Mayson-Dixon companies, is looking for a Communications and Engagement Specialist to work under the supervision of the Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Engagement. This individual will work with clients for various corporate, non-profit, and governmental entities, granting them exposure to a wide array of fields.

The Communications and Engagement Specialist will be responsible for assisting with the development of all communication and engagement materials and activities with the goal of increasing the impact and visibility of the Mayson-Dixon Company, Mayson Dixon’s clients and their projects. The applicant MUST have prior work experience developing and implementing a communications and engagement strategy, preferably utilizing contract management skills for multiple types of projects. The applicant should also have experience interacting with diverse audiences.

Please submit a cover letter and resume when applying for this position.

Be prepared to provide writing samples and work examples.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Assist with the development and implementation of multiple communications and engagement strategies for various clients. It should include metrics for gauging impact among targets audiences.
  • Support Mayson-Dixon’s passion for being an advocate of the economic growth and development of small, minority owned businesses by assisting with organizing outreach initiatives, writing proposals, arranging, and facilitating meetings, and other activities to promote and facilitate engagement activities.
  • Develop compelling ways to tell the story of the Mayson-Dixon clients and their projects to different audiences (g., academic; local, state, private sector; non-governmental organizations) through a variety of media (e.g., print, web, social media, video)
  • Develop, organize, write, and revise web content for the Mayson-Dixon Companies website. Track website and social media analytics
  • Assist with lead the development of roll out plans, press releases, and other communication materials as needed.
  • Manage the collection, use, and archiving of images, video, and audio resources from Mayson-Dixon Company projects and other activities.
  • Stay aware of current and emerging communication and engagement tools and approaches and advise Mayson Dixon and their clients on the most effective ways to reach identified audiences.
  • Work with others to support the general operation of the Mayson-Dixon Companies including the execution of contract management of funded projects, and assessment of program performance.

Job Requirements


  • Master’s degree and at least one year of experience in communications or engagement
  • OR a Bachelor’s degree with at least four years of experience in communications or engagement


  • The applicant MUST have prior work experience in developing a communication and engagement strategy as well as planning, implementing, and evaluating communications and engagement projects. The applicant should also have experience in communicating information to diverse audiences. Work samples such as web pages, program announcements or reports, press releases, or similar communications or engagement work products will be requested.
  • Writing skills for the development of press releases, media advisories, web content and other types of written communications
  • Experience demonstrating effective coordination and the building of positive relationships with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Experience in storytelling is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent speaking, writing, editing, organizational, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on several projects simultaneously, to shift priorities as needed, and to work productively in a fast-paced, team environment.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail. Self-starter with timely responsiveness and a service attitude
  • Facilitation training and skills preferred.
  • Knowledge of and experience with the suite of Google collaborative tools, MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, social media apps, and website and social media analytics are preferred.
  • Ability to coordinate with a diversity of partners and constituents including partners of State agencies, academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and other entities.
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